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Apollo Server / Gateway (JS Middleware)

The Inigo plugin for the Apollo Server and Gateway provides full observability and controls on all GraphQL traffic. Follow the instructions to get up and running.


Inigo supports Node v18 and v20 LTS releases.

  1. Install the inigo.js package
npm install inigo.js
  1. Install your platform specific library:
npm install inigo-linux-amd64

Available libraries:

  • inigo-linux-amd64
  • inigo-linux-arm64
  • inigo-darwin-amd64
  • inigo-darwin-arm64
  • inigo-windows-amd64

Get token

  • Set up a service and a token. If you still need one, follow Getting Started.


import { ApolloServer } from "apollo-server";
import { InigoPlugin } from "inigo.js";

// ...

const server = new ApolloServer({
// ...
plugins: [InigoPlugin()],
// ...


INIGO_SERVICE_TOKEN="inigo-service-token" npm start

Other optional available environment flags:

INIGO_ENABLE=[true, false]                      # default is true
LOG_LEVEL=[disabled, debug, info, error, fatal] # default log level is info


  • Alpine support is currently unavailable.