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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Operate

Q: How do I run the Inigo agent?
A: Inigo agent can be run as an installed middleware for various GraphQL servers and gateways, as a sidecar container (Kubernetes), or as a standalone proxy (Docker).


Q: What GraphQL servers can I install Inigo agent as middleware on?
A: You can install Inigo agent in any GraphQL server listed in our documentation. If your particular GraphQL server is not listed, you can request support here or opt to use the sidecar option.

Data Storage

Q: Where is my data being stored?
A: Your GraphQL analytics data, Inigo configurations, and Inigo account information are stored in the multi-tenant Inigo cloud.

Data Privacy

Q: Does Inigo agent collect responses?
A: No, responses are never sent to Inigo cloud. They are analyzed in the installed Inigo agent, and the responses remain within your GraphQL server or gateway.

Q: Does Inigo agent collect request variables?
A: No, unless specifically configured to do so. Moreover, all hardcoded variables (provided in the GraphQL query directly) are stripped out from the query before it is sent up to the Inigo cloud.


Q: What is the overhead that the Inigo agent adds?
A: The Inigo agent does most of the processing outside the hot path. In most cases the latency overhead is under 1ms. When access or other security features are configured which need to run in the hot path, the latency may be a little higher.


Q: Is Inigo SOC 2 compliant?
A: Yes, Inigo is SOC 2 Type II certified.


Q: What amount of traffic can Inigo handle?
A: Inigo can handle an unlimited amount of traffic due to auto-scaling, optimizations, deduplication, and compression of data.

Access Control

Q: Can Inigo do RBAC for me?
A: Yes, you can build granular Role-based Access Control (RBAC) policies and apply them with Inigo. An Access configuration can be used to create these policies.


Q: Do I get subgraphs analytics with Inigo if I run a federated deployment?
A: Yes, you'll receive analytics data for both the gateway and associated subgraphs with Inigo, all by simply installing the agent in the gateway (Apollo Gateway, Apollo Router).

Other Features

Q: Can I do rate limiting with Inigo?
A: Yes, you can build granular rate limiting policies and apply them with Inigo. A tutorial is available along with a RateLimit configuration.


Q: How do I receive additional support?
A: For more help with Inigo, please reach out to our team through the information provided on our Support page.