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Docker Compose

The Inigo plugin for Docker provides full observability and controls on all individual subgraphs. Follow the instructions to get up and running.

Get token

  • Set up a service and a token. If you still need one, follow Getting Started.


Note: this code snippet uses a starwars GraphQL example instance, make sure to replace it with your own service.

  1. Create a docker-compose.yml file

    version: "3.9"
    starwars: # example instance
    image: inigohub/starwars

    image: inigohub/sidecar
    - 80:80
    INIGO_EGRESS_URL: http://starwars:80/query # replace with your GraphQL endpoint
    INIGO_SERVICE_TOKEN: "YOUR-INIGO-SERVICE-TOKEN" # can be stored in an .env file instead
    # env_file: .env
  2. Run the services

    docker compose up