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Welcome to Inigo - the GraphQL Security and Management platform for your API.

At Inigo we love GraphQL, our vision is to offer the absolute best developer and operational experience around GraphQL.

Inigo provides a server agnostic management, security and observability layer for any GraphQL server or endpoint.

The Inigo platform includes a suite of building blocks such as schema-based access control, granular analytics, performance and error monitoring, dynamic rate-limiting, schema break changes and deprecation tools, and more. Inigo is everything you need to speed up your GraphQL api development and adoption. Gain a unique and in-depth understanding of GraphQL usage through deep insights into the field level, query paths, and overall server health and performance.

Inigo works by running an agent together with your GraphQL server or gateway. The agent can run as middleware, sidecar, in docker or as a plugin to your gateway and requires no code changes on your end. Inigo supports many servers out of the box, integration is quick and easy. See the deployment section for all the currently available options.


Using Inigo you can configure advanced schema based access control policies, rate limit different parts of your schema with ease, create security rules to protect your server against abuse, and much more. Inigo’s powerful engine can enforce policies, alter and block incoming malicious queries before they hit your GraphQL application servers, and alert you when your api is misbehaving.

Why protect your GraphQL API

Unprotected GraphQL APIs can be vulnerable to a variety of security concerns, to list some:

  • Lack of Authentication and Authorization controls
  • Denial of Service vulnerabilities
  • Information Disclosure vulnerabilities
  • Hijacking and Forgery-based vulnerabilities

Inigo solves these complex security challenges by providing a comprehensive layer of enforcement, analytics and insights, all while decoupling the complex security logic from your application in a performant way that allows your business to focus on its highest priorities.

Getting Started

  • Create an account at
  • Try out some of the tutorials using our hosted Starwars Demo setup to get a feel of the platform.
  • Connect your GraphQL server or deployment and enjoy the full suite of tools Inigo provides.
  • Join our slack to get the latest updates, give us feedback, or just chit chat about GraphQL.