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Okta SSO Integration

Inigo offers an Okta integration to help you seamlessly integrate your organization's SSO with Inigo's cloud-based service. Once configured, your team will have the ability to authenticate with Inigo via Okta using their existing company account.

Through this integration, you'll leverage Okta's robust identity management capabilities, ensuring secure access control and streamlined user authentication processes within your Inigo environment.

Supported Features

  • IdP Initiated Auth Flow: Single Sign-On (SSO) using OpenID Connect (OIDC) initiated via Okta.
  • Just-In-Time provisioning.


Administrative access to an Okta organization.

App Integration Setup

Your organization's Okta administrator will need to add and complete the Inigo application in your existing Okta account. This integration can be performed without any setup from Inigo, as it's completely self-service, and does not require any configuration.

Important: The first account that logs into Inigo via Okta will be set as the Inigo account owner.

The application installation can be performed with the following steps:

1. Install the Inigo App

Search for the Inigo app in the Okta applications directory, which is available in your Okta admin UI under Applications, as shown in the following image:


Proceed to install Inigo by clicking the Add Integration button.


2. Assign Inigo Application to Your Okta Users/Groups

After the Inigo App Integration installation is complete, Inigo will be available under Applications. Under the configuration menu, Assign to Users and Assign to Groups will be available.

Assign the Okta integration to users or groups as desired. For example, you may wish to assign Inigo to a Developers Okta group.

3. Share Client ID with Inigo

In the Inigo Application:

  1. Go to the Sign-On tab.
  2. Note down the Client ID and Client Secret.
  3. Email us your Client ID, Client Secret, and Okta Domain (for example, at [email protected] with the subject “SSO Config”.
  4. Our team will notify you once SSO is enabled for your organization.


User Login Flow

After the Inigo App Integration is installed, and the Users or Groups are assigned, the Inigo app will appear on the Okta user dashboard for those relevant users, as shown in the following image:


For a user to access Inigo, they must click on the Inigo app icon on the Okta user dashboard. After clicking, the user will be redirected to the Inigo UI and already be authenticated via Okta.


If you encounter challenges during the integration process, here are some common issues and their solutions:

Issue: Users are unable to access Inigo via Okta.
Solution: Verify the user assignment and group settings within Okta, and ensure they align with your Inigo access configurations.

For more specific issues or further assistance, please reach out to our support team at [email protected] or through Slack.