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Tutorial: Star Wars Demo Configuration

Download Access files

To be able to apply your own setting, download the Star Wars default configuration.

Next, let’s start experimenting with some of Inigo’s security enforcement capabilities by modifying and applying the following changes.

Configuration Changes


  1. Change require_operation_name from true to false
  2. Change max_depth from 3 to 4
  3. Change max_height from 9 to 14
  4. Change max_directives from 5 to 30


  1. Change credits_per_minute to 50000


  1. Remove the title field from films

Install CLI

Get the Inigo CLI tool:

brew tap inigolabs/homebrew-tap
brew install inigo_cli


Using the same credentials from If you signed up with GitHub, run the following command:

inigo login github

alternatively, if you signed up with Google, run the following command:

inigo login google

Otherwise if you signed up with a regular email, use the following command:

inigo login

Apply Configuration

Apply new configuration to the Star Wars service

inigo apply *.yml

Replay Playground Queries

With the updated configuration, it’s time to run the same queries again, see what the responses and visit Inigo Analytics Console.

What’s next?

Contact us to add your own GraphQL server to Inigo.