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Inigo v0.14.0

September 14, 2022

What’s new

  • Explore
    • Added ability to group by user.
    • Added ability to filter by query path.
  • Home
    • Added a new widget for queries which consume the most credits.
  • Access Control
    • Added ability to configure access rules in the schema using the @access directive.
  • Rate Limit
    • Added support to control rate limit differently for each root field of queries or mutations. With this configuration one can disable rate limit for specific queries or have different queries consume different amount of credits.
  • Observe
    • Added ability to tag fields in the schema which can then be viewed in the tree view explore page. Directives such as @sensative, @restricted or any other custom directive can be configured on different fields, and then be seen via different filters in the explore ui.
    • Added a knob to enable a deprecation warning extension to be appended to all operations that use deprecated fields.
  • Security
    • Added security controls for max_root_queries and max_root_mutations to be able to limit the number of batched queries allowed.
    • Added a way to require particular fields to be present in a given type using the require_fields configuration.
    • Added a way to require ID fields to always be present in queries using the require_id_fields configuration.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Added ability to reduct data from the operation response extensions. This feature can be used to make sure stack traces or debug info is never sent back to the client.
    • Added ability to apply configuration for the Starwars demo directly from the ui.
    • Enhanced our hosted Starwars demo to also be able to point to any remote GraphQL endpoint. You can now try a hosted demo version of Inigo with your own api without needing to deploy anything.


  • In v0.13.0 configurations with value of 0 were used to signify the particular knob or configuration was disabled or unused. Starting in v0.14.0 null is used to signify disabled configurations. To migrate over to v0.14.0 all knobs which were set to zero should be set to null or completely removed. Reapply your configuration for the migration to take place using ‘inigo apply’.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed explore table pagination