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Table of Contents

Runtime Configuration

Using environment variables, you can customize certain functionalities of the Inigo daemon service, such as the port number, the log level, and other aspects. The table below shows the available toggles and buttons of the daemon.

When you need to override any runtime defaults, you will export your environment variable and set it to the correct value. For example: export INIGO_LOG_LEVEL=debug.

Configuration Table

Description Type Required Details Environment Variable
Log Level string No (default: info) Log-level for the daemon. INIGO_LOG_LEVEL
Log Type string No (default: json) Log-type for the daemon. INIGO_LOG_TYPE
Listen Port integer No (default: 80) TCP port to bind the daemon to. INIGO_LISTEN_PORT
Egress URL string Yes URL of the proxied application (GraphQL Endpoint). INIGO_EGRESS_URL
Service Token string Yes JWT token credential of the service. INIGO_SERVICE_TOKEN
GraphQL Route string No (default: /query) Endpoint route for GraphQL queries. INIGO_GRAPHQL_ROUTE
GraphQL Playground Route string No Endpoint route for GraphQL IDE (GraphiQL or GraphQL Playground). INIGO_PLAYGROUND_ROUTE
Sidecar JWT Secret string No Sidecar authentication JWT secret. INIGO_SIDECAR_JWT_SECRET