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inigo apply


Optional flags

  • --help, -h show help info
  • --label <value> applies configuration by a service label name
  • --wait-for <value> wait for particular number of instances to become updated (default: 0)
  • --timeout <value> use timeout flag to interrupt execution if it exceeds timeout value (default: 0 seconds)
  • --wait wait for configuration to be applied to service instance (default: false)

inigo apply


Apply a configuration to a service. Configuration yaml files can be passed in individually or using a glob to apply multiple configuration files at once.


inigo apply <config_filename>

Optional flags

  • --label <value> applies a configuration by service label
  • --help, -h show help info


$ inigo apply *.yml

demo:starwars/service updated
demo:starwars/access/profiles/guest updated

The command will print out the status of the changes applied to a configuration, such as created, updated or removed.