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Table of Contents

Inigo CLI

Inigo CLI, or inigo, is a command line interface that allows your to manage your GraphQL service configurations, for use in the command line or CI/CD pipelines.


MacOS and Linux

  1. Install the tap brew tap inigolabs/homebrew-tap

  2. Install the CLI brew install inigo_cli

  3. Make sure you are able to run it inigo -h

$ inigo -h

   inigo - Inigo CLI

   inigo [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]

   v0.14.0 : 2022-09-14T21:28:02Z : b764a19e

If you don’t have Brew, you can install it from here.


Download and install the binary for you system here.

Usage and Documentation

All inigo CLI documentation live here.