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Apollo Server (JS Middleware)


  • Install the inigo.js package
    npm install inigo.js
  • Install your platform specific library:
    npm install inigo-linux-amd64
    Available libraries:
    • inigo-linux-amd64
    • inigo-linux-arm64
    • inigo-darwin-amd64
    • inigo-darwin-arm64
    • inigo-windows-amd64

Get token

  • Set up a service and a token. If you still need one, follow Getting Started.


import { ApolloServer } from "apollo-server";
import { InigoPlugin } from "inigo.js";

// ...

const server = new ApolloServer({
// ...
plugins: [InigoPlugin()],
// ...


INIGO_SERVICE_TOKEN="inigo-service-token" npm start

Other optional available environment flags:

INIGO_ENABLE=[true, false]                      # default is true
LOG_LEVEL=[disabled, debug, info, error, fatal] # default log level is info


  • Alpine support is currently unavailable.